2016 Aston Martin DBX US market

2016 Aston Martin DBX

Aston Martin has confirmed plans related to the production version of DBX concept which was announced as part of capital investment in the amount of $305 millions. The 2016 Aston Martin DBX is a luxury crossover, the manufacturer hopes that this model will attract a large number of customers and that will have a positive impact on future growth. Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, said that the concept of DBX noted great interest, much higher than expected. The assumption is that the production of this model will be exerte on the territory of the United States and that sales will begin in 2019.

2016 Aston Martin DBX EXTERIOR

2016 Aston Martin DBX exterior design

The exterior is the most special thing about the 2016 Aston Martin DBX primarily because it does not actually resemble anything else when driving. The size of the body is a bit bigger compared to that of a Vantage but the car’s street clearance resembles a BMW X4, suggesting it ought to be able to take a trip on crushed rock without significantly problem. Although it is a coupe, there are four full size seats and also two enormous doors with open at an angle in order to enable the travelers to open the doors in more confined areas. The front end looks very similar to the Vantage while the back advises us of the One77.
2016 Aston Martin DBX EXT 2

Interior design

The deluxe interior of the 2016 Aston Martin DBX is covered in top quality Nubuck natural leather. Also, there is a modern-day head-up display screens, and rather than old-fashioned mirrors is cam back view. The principle DBX could suit four adults, and also offers both, day-to-day usefulness, with similarly usable baggage area, which lies in 2 locations– a generally at the rear of the car, and also forward, rather than the engine! The body of the vehicle is made mostly of aluminium lightweight, therefore total weight of this vehicle is kept under control.
2016 Aston Martin DBX INTERIOR

2016 Aston Martin DBX engine

New DBX is going to have two engines. First engine will be 5,9 L V12. It is going to have 470 hp as well as 443 lb-ft of torque. Second one will be a twin turbo 4L V8 engine. This is one will have 505 hp and also 445 lb-ft of torque. New Aston will certainly have a 6 rate guidebook and also automatic transmission. Top speed is going to be 186 mph (300 km/h).
2016 Aston Martin DBX engine

Release date and price

As we previously said release date for the US market will be sometimes in 2019. The price would likely be around 150.000 dollars or even more for a base vehicle, suggesting it will certainly be more costly compared to virtually any other crossover available.

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