2016 Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept

After the announcement of Skoda Fabia Combi R5 and Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport, from the VW group arrives the announcement that at the upcoming 34th meeting at Wörthersee in Austria Audi will expose TT Clubsport Turbo Concept. This great car will have very powerful engine with 600 hp and it will be able to reach maximum of 310 km / h. Of course, the powerful engine is not all what Audi prepared for us, so we can also expect aero body kit red mirrors, new set of wheels, modified suspension, stronger brakes and new sports exhaust system. The 2016 Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept will also have  a sleek interior with new sports seats, roll cage and sports steering wheel with a flattened bottom part.

New Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Engine

The 2016 Audi TT Clubsport Turbo has a power-boosted 2.5 TFSI engine with really outstanding performance data. From 2,480 cc of variation, the five-cylinder engine creates 600 hp and 479.4 lb-ft of twist, the latter from 3,000 to 7,000 rpm. This indicates that it produces 240 hp as well as 191.8 lb-ft each liter of variation. Power is transferred by using a manual six-speed transmission. The automobile completes the common sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62.1 mph) in 3.6 seconds, as well as its top speed is 310 km/h (192.6 mph).Do not hope that  TT-RS model will be equipped with this engine, because it will not happen, but the main person for the development Ulrich Hackenberg describes the technology as close the production.
2016 Audi TT Clubsport Turbož engine

Exterior design

The 2016 Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept was influenced by the effective Audi 90 IMSA GTO of the late 1980s and packs some intriguing tech that might appear in the future. As hinted by the puffy angular fenders, the Clubsport Turbo is larger than the common TT by 14 cm. They’re open at both ends, allowing air from the car’s slipstream to stream via and also cool the brakes. The coupe’s single-frame grille as well as big air inlets– which upright fins form an extension to the light trademark of the Matrix LED fronts lights– are also optimised for max air consuming capability. The by hand modifiable rear wing is an advanced advancement of the Audi Sport TT Cup. It’s 20 cm wider right here, as well as the side flaps, which include the four rings, were given a brand-new geometry. The wing, along with various other add-ons, are made from carbon-fibre reinforced polymer (CFRF). 20-inch rims finish the package deal.

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Interior design

The interior features both motorsport as well as high-end blend features, competing container seats with four-point harness are just a few. The seats are completed in coral reefs orange Alcantara with contrast sewing, CFRP places are thoroughly made use of in the interior also. The digital Audi virtual cockpit found in the roadway going TT design is likewise made use of right here, as well as a lot more motoring choices which can be accessed on the multifunctional wheel.
2016 Audi TT Clubsport Turbo interior

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2016 Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept release date

2016 Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept will have it world premier at Worthersee, Austria, next week. So follow and visit us later, when we are going to have more information about this car.

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