2016 Dodge Dakota review and price

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Dakota is practically an old timer as the first model of this Dodge’s pick –up truck, that was introduced back in 1987. Dodge had completely redesigned 2016 Dodge Dakota as the previous model which was released in 2011. But this 2011 Dodge Dakota did not have a good sales report. That is why Dodge had decided to fully upgrade the latest version of Dakota. The change is mostly made to boost the sales in the United States as Americans are known as great lovers of pick-up trucks. Dodge had invested more money to make 2016 Dakota more appealing to the customers. The new 2016 Dodge Dakota will be manufactured in Mexico and it will contain many important improvements.

2016 Dakota engine specs

Dodge had not yet revealed what the engine is going to be for the new 2016 Dodge Dakota but it won’t be more different from the previous model. The 2016 Dakota is probably going to install V6 4-cylinder engine that can produce 210 horsepower. Five speed or four speed transmission will be included in a package. Dodge had spent a lot of time improving the fuel economy and Dodge’s goal is for it to reach average consumption of 30mg (7.8 l. per 100 km). This is a right combination for a pick-up truck and it provides its users with best results possible.

New Dodge Dakota exterior design

Dakota’s design had passed through many changes but this the most radical ever made. The truck looks more modern and powerful the features that are certainly going to attract more customers. New Dodge Dakota is going to be slightly longer than the 2011 model. New grille had been added to the newest Dodge Dakota together with the more streamlined headlights. Both set of bumpers (front and rear) have the same color so this pick-up looks absolutely stylish. The new Dakota has four doors and a very convenient luggage space that is smaller than in previous model but you will still have enough room to store you stuff. The 2016 Dodge Dakota will be heavier than its predecessors but that is just the thing that the Dodge had in mind. Pick-ups are the usual sight on the roads as they are compact and very useful. That is why Dodge had offered a large variety of colors for the new Dakota such as: white, black, silver, red, dark blue, grey and dark red. This Dodge Dakota is not just perfectly designed but it is also very colorful.
2016-dodge-dakota exterior

Interior design

The Interior  was significantly changed as the used materials are better and there is a lot more space for passenger and driver. There are lot of new equipment added such as a LCD display, navigation system, good steering wheel, windshield defrosters, ABS and many of features which are kept in secret by Dodge. It is a lot more comfortable and spacious so you will never run out of room.

2016 Dodge Dakota release date and price

The new 2016 Dodge Dakota price will be $60,000. Dakota will be made available this spring so you do not have to wait for long to get this amazing pick-up truck

Dakota means friendly in Dakota-Sioux language and this vehicle definitely justifies its name. This pick-up will do the job in timely and comfy manner.

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