2016 Ferrari FF review and specs

2016 Ferarri FF

From the way we can see it, the folks from the Italian gigant, simply, couldn’t stop in surprising us. This time they have decided to launch on the global car markets amazingly, their very first, four-seater in its lineup- The 2016 Ferrari FF. For those people, who may not be familiar with the fact, the FF stands for “Ferrari Four” (actually, four seats and four-wheel drive vehicle). This newly made variant presents the new re-engineered car by Ferrari, which is, at the same time, about a 50-percent lighter than all the other conventional, all-wheel-drive, models. That’s why the FF is a truly highly praised supercar and the people who owns this beauty is considered to be very privileged. The 2016 Ferrari FF is intended to be available as a coupe and as a sedan variant.

Release date and price

Although, we don’t possess any accurate or an officially announced data regarding the exact release date and about the accurate pricing, according the latest rumors, the premiere of the newly made Ferrari FF is expected to happen in the very beginning of the following year. While, the rumors are speculating that the roughly price for this newly made variant will be around $400,000 or even higher, depending of the exact amount of the hi-tech features that will come along.

2016 Ferrari FF front

2016 Ferrari FF Review

Although, we would have, absolutely, nothing against possessing the sedan variant of this magical car, the FF Coupe presents an asset that few only dream to possess. It, surely, “knows” how to captivate its spectators. It has an alluring design combined with a true elegance and high style and, in addition, this beauty has been equipped with a Tourer setup with shooting brake-like body. That “perfect” overall appearance additionally complements the FF Coupe’s front fascia and sided air vents are re-engineered, in order to provide a striking look.

2016 Ferarri FF back

2016 Ferarri FF back

Interior design

When it comes to interior design, both of the FF come along with an enviable arsenal of the most various features. The most striking among them all, the most likely, are the following ones: AM/FM/CD/MP3/DVD, which comes along matched with an adequate Navigation System, satellite navigation that comes along paired with the maps and 3D views. And, also, with voice command function and two USB connections, a Bluetooth connectivity coupled with the appropriate audio streaming intended mainly for individuals, who strive to operate their own multimedia devices, a very suitable advanced tech iPods and iPhones that come along matched with a 640W Regular Amplifier for Wireless Streaming, aluminum Instrument Panel and Door Panel, Window Grid Antenna and the Leather Upholstered Dashboard coupled with the Aluminum Interior Accents.

2016 Ferarri FF INTERIOR

2016 Ferarri FF front seats

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2016 Ferrari FF Specs

Like all the rest supercars and the 2016 Ferrari FF comes along equipped with simply stunning and, at the same time, utterly reliable powertrain option- a 6.3l with V-12 engine option, which comes available for the four-wheel drive system. This particular engine option is considered to be able to pump up to 660 hp and to deliver approximate about a 503 pound-feet of torque. That particular engine option will be available paired with a 7 -speed Automated Manual transmission only.

2016 Ferarri FF engine

2016 Ferarri FF engine

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