Maintaining Your Car During COVID-19 Quarantine [Infographic]

Many people now use their cars to go to work since most of the country is currently under GCQ or General Community Quarantine. TNVS drivers have also resumed their operations, allowing commuters to travel securely. Maintaining the car is essential in reducing the chances of accidents from occurring.

Car owners must prioritize keeping their vehicles in top condition, and among the ones that must be checked on is the car’s oil, battery, and lights.

The oil must be checked to ensure that the vehicle’s moving parts are lubricated so that they won’t stall on the road. Using fresh oil is advisable to keep the car working and avoid any problems with the engine.

Should car owners still not use their vehicles, during the GCQ for some time, they should disconnect the battery to keep it from having an electrical discharge. For those who won’t take their car batteries out, it’s advisable to use the car or at least start the car once a week to prevent electrical discharges.

The car’s lights should also be checked on since they’re a driver’s primary means of communication to other people on the road. The lights can inform others where the driver will turn, and when they’ll stop the vehicle.  Night driving also necessitates the use of lights to illuminate the road and avoid accidents due to poor lighting. Car owners must inspect their lights and make sure that none of them are defective.

Using the car once a week ensures that the battery doesn’t get discharged, and keeps the tires from deflating and pests from making the vehicle their home. Neglected cars will also accumulate dirt both inside and outside the car.

Car insurance parañaque in the Philippines is also essential to keep drivers financially protected should they get caught in accidents or if their cars receive damages covered by the plan. Car owners need to have the right car insurance comparison Philippines policy to ensure that they have adequate protection. For more information, see this infographic by

5 Damages the Sun Can Do to Your Car

One of the most essential events of the 20th century was the invention of the automobile – it served as a blessing for the economy and helped people connect faster than ever. Furthermore, it had the biggest impact on economic growth compared to other devices invented in the last century.

However, despite its significance, many people still prefer not to own one. While many people can still live without using a car or truck, owning one has many benefits. On the other hand, to make the most out of its benefits, car owners must also take care of their cars – applying window tints must no longer be a question.

Window tints protect the interior of cars against elements such as the UV rays from the sun. For more information, here’s an infographic about the damages the sun may bring to your car brought to you by Global Tint USA.


Czy mogę używać opon letnich ze starego samochodu w nowym samochodzie?

Podczas montażu opon letnich w samochodzie ważne jest, aby opony miały odpowiedni rozmiar. Jeśli mają odpowiedni wymiar, mogą być używane, o ile są w dobrym stanie i mają głębokość bieżnika wynoszącą co najmniej 4 mm.

Jeśli wymiar jest niepoprawny, musisz skontaktować się z producentem samochodu lub stacją serwisową opon, aby sprawdzić, czy są one wystarczająco blisko, aby nadal z nich korzystać. Instrukcja obsługi wskaże, jaki wymiar opon jest zalecany dla twojego pojazdu. Staraj się zawsze kupować opony o zalecanym wymiarze.

Jak często powinienem obracać opony na każdą pogodę?

Obrót jest ważny i należy go wykonać, aby przednia i tylna opona zużywały się z tą samą prędkością, gdy różnica głębokości bieżnika wynosi 2-3 mm. Jeśli używasz opon na każdą pogodę przez cały rok, musisz nadal sprawdzać głębokość bieżnika opon. Jeśli zmienisz opony zimowe, opony zostaną przy tej okazji obrócone.

Musisz częściej obracać opony, jeśli masz samochód elektryczny lub hybrydowy, ponieważ zużycie opon jest wyższe w tych pojazdach. Należy również sprawdzić, czy opony, które posiadasz, są zalecane do użytku w samochodach elektrycznych.

Kan jeg bruke sommerdekk fra min gamle bil på min nye bil?

Når du monterer sommerdekk på bilen din, er det viktig at dekkene har riktig dimensjon. Hvis de har riktig dimensjon, kan de brukes, så lenge de er i god stand og har en slitedybde på minst 4 mm.

Hvis dimensjonen er feil, må du ta kontakt med enten bilprodusenten eller dekkstasjonen for å se om de er nær nok til at de fremdeles kan brukes. Brukerhåndboken vil indikere hvilken dekkdimensjon som anbefales for bilen din. Forsøk å alltid kjøpe dekk som har den anbefalte dimensjonen.

Hvor ofte skal jeg rotere mine allværdekk?

Rotasjon er viktig og bør gjøres slik at dekkene foran og bak slites med samme hastighet, når forskjellen i slitedybden er 2-3 mm. Hvis du bruker allværdekk hele året, må du kontrollere dekkets dybde. Hvis du bytter til vinterdekk, blir dekkene rotert ved denne anledningen.

Du må rotere dekkene oftere hvis du har en elbil eller hybrid, da dekkslitasjen er høyere for disse kjøretøyene. Du bør også sjekke at dekkene du har er anbefalt for bruk med elbiler.

Puis-je utiliser les pneus d’été de ma vieille voiture sur ma nouvelle voiture ?

Lorsque vous montez des pneus été sur votre voiture, il est important que les pneus soient de la bonne dimension. S’ils ont la bonne dimension, ils peuvent être utilisés, tant qu’ils sont en bon état et ont une profondeur de sculpture d’au moins 4 millimètres.

Si la dimension est incorrecte, vous devrez vérifier auprès du constructeur automobile ou de la station-service pour voir si elles sont suffisamment proches pour être utilisées. Le manuel d’utilisation indiquera quelle dimension de pneu est recommandée pour votre véhicule. Essayez de toujours acheter des pneus qui ont la dimension recommandée.

À quelle fréquence dois-je faire tourner mes pneus toutes saisons ?

La rotation est importante et doit être effectuée pour que vos pneus avant et arrière s’usent avec le même taux, lorsque la différence de profondeur de la bande de roulement est de 2-3 mm. Si vous utilisez vos pneus toutes temps toute l’année, vous devrez continuer à vérifier la profondeur de sculpture des pneus. Si vous changez pour des pneus hiver, les pneus seront tournés à cette occasion.

Vous devez faire tourner les pneus plus souvent si vous avez une voiture électrique ou hybride, car l’usure des pneus est plus élevée pour ces véhicules. Vous devez également vérifier que les pneus que vous avez sont recommandés pour une utilisation avec des voitures électriques.

The importance of tyre rotation

Summer Tyres

Rotation of tyres is done to ensure that all the tyres on the vehicle will wear evenly. If you drive with all-weather tyres, you are most likely using the same tyres all year round. All-weather tyres can handle most weather conditions and if they are approved for winter use and have the winter approved symbol, the 3PMSF-symbol on the sidewall, they will also be able to give your vehicle good grip on snow and ice. You eliminate the need to change between summer tyres and winter tyres and have to find the optimal timing for a tyre change.

When you have different grip between front axle and rear axle, your vehicle will not behave, as you would expect. It will over- or understeer depending on where you have the best grip. To avoid this happening, you will have to rotate the tyres to even out the wear, so that all tyres have approximately the same tread depth. The change should be done when there is a 2-3 mm difference between the front and rear tyre. The wear should be the same between the left and right side and also within the tyre profile, as what comes to the wear across the profile. If there are some abnormalities with the tyre wear, you should visit a tyre service station to assess what the cause of the problem could be. There are several factors that can cause uneven wear across the tyre profile.

When you rotate you change the right front tyre to the right rear position and the same on the left side. You would expect to do this 1-2 times per year depending on how much you drive. It is quickly done and a tyre service station can have it done in very short time. You just need to check the tread depth to figure out when you will need to do the rotation. Checking tread depth is easy and can be done while you check the tyre pressure. The tread depth will also allow you to know when you need to change to a new set of tyres. You should change to a new set of tyres when you reach the 4 mm remaining tread depth.

Inspection of the condition of the tyres should be done at least every month and preferably every time you stop at the petrol station to fill up the SUV. A visual inspection is quickly done, just to assess if there are visual damages to the tyre. Checking the tyre pressure should be done at least monthly. Wrong tyre pressure can impact your safety and it can add a lot of costs to your daily drive. Having to replace your tyres prematurely and having to stop for fuel more often can get very expensive. It is an easy thing to check. When it comes to electrical and hybrids, the wear tend to be higher and the normal interval of rotation might not be sufficient, so make sure they monitor them more closely when it comes to tyre wear and the need for rotation.

For more information regarding various tyres and the need for rotation, visit:

Däckverkstäder som klarar det mesta


De flesta föredrar en verkstad som kan ta hand om alla problem som kan uppstå. Man vill inte gå till olika verkstäder beroende på vad som behöver göras. Om en och samma verkstad som kan göra allt är att föredra. En bil kan behöva allt från däckservice vid varje däckbyte, oljebyte vid behov, ac-service och ac-rengöring vartannat år, bilservice enligt service manualen och bromsservice vid behov. Det finns en hel del annan service som en bil har behov av och om din verkstad är en godkänd verkstad så kan de utföra din vanliga service och stämpla serviceboken utan att riskera din nybilsgaranti.

Det är inte alla verkstäder som är godkända eller är auktoriserade verkstäder som också kan göra besiktning, så att du kan få din bil godkänd. Om du måste gå till en bilprovning för att få bilen besiktad, så kan det vara värt att genomföra ett konditionstest så att du vet att bilen är i gott skick innan du låter bilen besiktas, så att du slipper en eventuell återbesiktning. Du får en bra indikation om bilen är säker att köra med vilket också kan vara intressant att göra innan du ger dig iväg på en lång semester och vill undvika problem längs vägen. Det är alltid bra att hitta problem i tidigt stadie innan de växer till större och mer kostsamma problem. Om du upptäcker problem vid ett konditionstest, så kan du få det åtgärdat direkt eller boka tid för ett senare tillfälle.

För mer information angående däckverkstäder med full service, besök: