The need for special tires for electric cars


Electric cars and hybrid cars require special tires as they are heavier than normal cars due to the battery packs. This is why you need to use tires that are recommended for use on electric cars. These tires can handle the extra load and are more wear resistant, so they don’t wear out prematurely. Electric cars have higher, which adds to the extra wear. To manage the higher rate, you will need to rotate the tires more often than for a normal car. You need to track the tread depth and rotate the tires when there is a difference of 5/64 inches between the back and front tires. Rotation drastically increase the lifetime of the tires.

Since electric or hybrid cars are heavier than normal cars, the tire pressure becomes even more important to check and assure that it is correct. Low tire pressure will cause your tires to wear out faster than expected. The rolling resistance will also increase, so that you will be able to drive shorter distance from a full charge. Even though electricity is cheaper than gasoline, you still don’t want to waste it as you pay for it.

When you have good all-season tires or winter tires on your vehicle, the driving experience will be enhanced. Good tires will give you the precision and stability when you drive. The risk of hydroplaning is also decreased when you have good tires. For hydroplaning prevention, it is important to have good tread depth. Low tread depth increases the braking distance and makes the driving less safe, so change when the tires are worn.

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