Things To Know About The Cummins Injector Pump

When it comes to your diesel application, stock just doesn’t cut it. While factory parts and mechanics can serve you well for many years, there will ultimately be a need for upgrading the performance of your diesel engine.  One of the things that you can do in order to upgrade the performance of your engine is adding a Cummins injector pump.

This injector pump is basically a supply pump that takes fuel, from the tank and transfers it to the injection system. Most of the diesel engines come with some sort of fuel pump, whether it is a mechanical system that you will find in the older models or the newer models where the pump is integrated into the engine.

So why do you need a Cummins injector pump?  Upgrading engines with performance and aftermarket parts is not a new concept, and truth be told, it is something that transcends the diesel world.  Just about every vehicle owner these days wants to upgrade the performance of their vehicles.

Even though a diesel engine holds the top spot for the most efficient internal combustion compared to other engine types, adding a Cummins injector pump to your diesel engine can hugely increase its performance well past the factory limits.

The primary goal of adding an injector pump is to increase the amount of fuel that being injected into the engine. You can start this process by increasing fuel flow with computer programming for newer models or by installing high flow injectors.  With the engine requiring more fuel to perform well, you will inevitably need to upgrade the pump.  When there is bad fuel pressure, it means less horsepower, and in some cases it can cause damage to the pump.

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