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Perfect Window Tinting of your Choice

window tinting

You will always want to be prepared whether you are going on a road vacation, traveling to work, or running errands. You want your vehicle to look and perform at its best, so tinting your windows is one of the best investments you can make, whatever your situation is.

KEPLER Window Films and Coatings provides dependable window tinting in Missoula with such a diverse range of consumer benefits and exceptional value. Kepler installer also uses industry-leading technologies and provides you with peace of mind warranties so you can relax after the installation.

Kepler window films offer a variety of benefits depending on the application and only deliver top materials provided to you at the most excellent pricing. Kepler window film specialists are masters in automobile, commercial, and residential window tinting/home window tinting.

Kepler window tinting in Palmdale, CA, offers different architectural window tinting with unique characteristics. The first is, Cosmic is a gray-finish reflective window film. This film’s magnificent color provides superb natural aesthetics to the building on which it is mounted. Unlike some of our other window films, this window film will not substantially affect the appearance of the structure once installed.

The Chromosphere series is a silver/mirrored window film that gives the best heat rejection performance available. Then, the Ecliptic line is a popular dual-reflective window film in the home market. They also have a pure sputter titanium nitride (TiN) nano-ceramic structure; the Solstice series uses the latest sputtering technology.

The Aurora series is ideal for consumers who desire complete privacy while still allowing light into the space. At the same time, the Orbit series is an entirely opaque window film that blocks out all light. The Vortex series is a dual-reflective film that takes advantage of light circumstances to provide the benefits of a one-way movie while maintaining the balanced appearance of a neutral movie. Lastly, the K-Shield series is an 8mil security film that helps prevent the glass from cracking on impact.

These are some of the varieties of choices they offer in architectural window tinting. For more details, visit Kepler Dealer’s website at https://www.kepler-dealer.com/.

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