Tips for Planning a Candy Buffet


Whether you are hosting a party for a friend or a child, a candy buffet will surely bring out the event’s joy. The candy buffet trend continues to be a staple in every celebration, and while it sounds fun and simple, you still need to plan it carefully.

Creating the perfect candy buffet is not as simple as throwing sweet treats like Kinder Joy and chocolate bars on a table. To make sure your sweet party treat becomes a success, follow our simple guide below:

Select the Colours and Theme

A theme and uniform colours for your candy buffet can help it stand out. Of course, you need to align it with the event’s design.

If the candy bar is for children, use the most vibrant colours and choose a theme that best fits the party’s motif, such as pirates, princesses, or superheroes. You can use a combination of flowers, macarons, and cakes for weddings and bridal showers. For corporate parties, try fitting the candy bar’s overall theme with the company’s brand.

Pick your Candies

From scorched peanut bar treats to lollies, you can pick and combine plenty of candies to create the perfect candy buffet. When ordering from candy warehouses, you might encounter four main categories:

  • Individually packaged
  • Bulk loose candies
  • Designer candies
  • Filler candies

We recommend giving each guest 226 grams of candy; don’t worry, it’s not as much as it sounds. You should also match your sweets with the motif of your party and add some variety so that every guest’s preference would be satisfied. 


Design your Table

You can start by deciding on the linen to use on the table and adding matching napkins. Also, prepare some containers where you’ll put the candies, such as bulk containers, cake stands, glass jars, and elevated flat platters. 

When arranging your candy buffet containers, be sure to take into account three zones. The back zone should be elevated and must use taller containers. In the middle zone, you should place most of your bulk candy in apothecary jars, small baskets, vases, and candy dishes. In the front zone, you can display individually packaged sweets on decorative short platters and boxes.

Order Candy at Lollies Parties Anything

Ordering candies from a trusted warehouse is another factor you must consider. Do they have all the sweets you need? Do they also offer party packages? Are their offers affordable?

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