Some great advantages of all-weather tires

The greatest advantages of all-weather tires is the possibility to keep one tire all year around. Let’s face it who wants to store a second set of tires in the garage. The advantage of tires that can be used all year around are obvious. You might wonder if it still is as safe as with […]

The advantages of all-weather tires over all-season tires

The main advantage of all-weather tires over all-season tires is that they hold the “Three Peak Mountain Snowflake “symbol signifying their approved use in severe winter conditions. This a real advantage if you live in an area that has severe winter weather and you prefer to use one set of tires year-round. You might wonder […]

When to invest in non-studded tires for your SUV

There are some real advantages in non-studded tires for you SUV. Probably the most important one is the fact that the law limits the use of studded tires or at least limits the dates of when they can be used in many States in the United States. This makes the use of studded tires less […]

Stay safe while driving in thunderstorms

When driving through thunderstorms, you will notice at least a few challenges, one of them is the grip and that the car tends to hydroplane and the challenge the wipers have to clear the windshield from water. Some of the measures to overcome these challenges are to lower your speed, to have high quality car […]

An Overview of Car Accident Injuries and Staying Safe on the Road

An Overview of Car Accident Injuries and Staying Safe on the Road

When a proposed toll freeway was proposed in San Clemente as a means to address the growing problem of traffic congestion in the city, many residents actually opposed the idea as the proposal would affect their quality of life. Many argued that putting a major road across the city would affect their homes, businesses, and […]

Environmentally friendly tires

In these times more and more people are interested in being environmentally responsible and more and more people are looking into hybrid and electric cars. Did you know that tires can also be environmentally friendly? What makes a tire environmentally friendly you might ask? Tires that have low rolling resistance and also that are made […]

The need for special tires for electric cars

Electric cars and hybrid cars require special tires as they are heavier than normal cars due to the battery packs. This is why you need to use tires that are recommended for use on electric cars. These tires can handle the extra load and are more wear resistant, so they don’t wear out prematurely. Electric […]

Choosing winter tires for your SUV

It is important when choosing winter tires for your SUV that you take into consideration the type of road conditions you will be experiencing where you live. The reason for this is because winter tires are available both as studded tires or as non-studded tires and which type of winter tires to choose depends on […]