Diesel Exhaust System: Things You Need to Know Before Buying

Are you planning to purchase a vehicle? Perhaps it is your first time, or you are buying another one. You might already have a list of desired features or a model that you prefer. Regardless of your reasons for purchasing, you must know some parts of the vehicle, especially the vital elements.

A lot goes into keeping a car running safely and effectively, and unless you are a mechanic, it is not easy to understand it all. Knowing vital car parts will enable you to understand what to do should problems arise with your car. One of the essential diesel parts that vehicle owners must know about is the exhaust system.

But what is an exhaust system? An exhaust system’s primary purpose is to take care of the fuel emissions that a vehicle produces. It takes the used-up fuel-air mixture that a diesel engine uses in the combustion chamber and removes it via the tailpipe.

If you wonder where the exhaust system is situated, it is the exhaust pipe under the car’s back. Its entirety runs from behind the engine along the underside of the vehicle, ending with the tailpipe. Exhaust systems usually include an exhaust manifold, oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, muffler, and exhaust pipe.

Aside from its primary purpose, the exhaust system provides many benefits, mainly reducing air pollution. Gas contains components that are generally harmful to human health and the environment, contributing to air pollution.

To address this issue, governments provided new regulations on specific components of diesel exhaust gas. Included in these regulations is cutting down the emission levels of engines. The diesel exhaust system can regulate emission levels and reduce the air pollution a vehicle releases into the environment.

Additionally, one of the most excellent benefits that an exhaust system can provide is significantly reducing the amount of noise a vehicle makes. An exhaust system will keep the car sounding pleasant as it runs and will reduce harmful gasses.

As a vehicle owner, you can also purchase 5.9 Cummins injectors to suit your car’s needs and increase fuel efficiency.

Read this infographic from Pure Diesel Power to learn more about Diesel Exhaust systems.

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How To Purchase Genuine Cummins Parts

If you are looking for Cummins parts to purchase, you should search carefully in order to avoid being duped into purchasing counterfeit parts. The difference between genuine Cummins parts and non-genuine ones is not always easy to see, especially for someone who is buying for the first time.  It can be something as little as a ring gap that is a couple of millimeters too wide compared to a non-genuine part. For you, it may look like a small thing, but in a Cummins engine it can result into less power, poor fuel economy, premature wear, insufficient lubrication or even catastrophic engine failure.

While you may think that you are saving some money upfront when you purchase non-genuine Cummins parts, it can cost you a lot of money in the long term. To prove this, engineers from Cummins did a thorough analytical testing by pitting the genuine Cummins parts against the counterfeit versions.  The testing included visual inspection, critical measurements, parts chemistry analysis as well as materials analysis. From this test, it was proven that genuine parts are always better for your Cummins engine compared to non-genuine parts.

One of important thing that you need to keep in mind when shopping for Cummins parts is that not all parts are created equally. For someone who is not an expert, it may not be easy for you to see what makes all the difference. Engine components need to be accurate to specifications that cannot be easily discerned by the human eye. Precision design, state of the art manufacturing as well as rigorous testing is critical in ensuring that genuine parts are able to perform at factory-specified levels of efficiency, durability and reliability.

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Tips For Maintaining Your Diesel Exhaust System

A diesel exhaust system is a very important asset for your vehicle. It is necessary in order to optimize the performance of your vehicle. In order to get the most out of it, you need to make sure that it is maintained to a pristine state.  Apart from being good in improving the quality of driving, the exhaust system is also essential towards minimizing noise as well as eliminating emissions.

If you use a proper exhaust for your vehicle, you will enjoy better driving overall. In other words, you don’t need to settle for intense pressure while you are in the driver’s seat.   You will not get tired from driving, and you possibly won’t have to deal with back or neck pain as a result of driving for prolonged periods. This can be a true lifesaver especially if you drive for a long time non-stop on a daily basis.

You need to handle your diesel exhaust systems with utmost care and attentiveness for it to serve you better. When you need to install a new exhaust or repair your current exhaust, make sure that you leave the job to qualified and experienced professionals. It is only be doing so that you can be sure of the final outcome.

It is a good idea to look for reliable service providers in your area even before the need for repairing your exhaust system comes up.  Make sure that the professionals you will choose are experienced enough to take on any repairs on your diesel system and complete it without any issue or hesitation. Moreover, the professionals should be prompt in their response and be eager to help you out in case of an emergency.

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Things To Know About The Cummins Injector Pump

When it comes to your diesel application, stock just doesn’t cut it. While factory parts and mechanics can serve you well for many years, there will ultimately be a need for upgrading the performance of your diesel engine.  One of the things that you can do in order to upgrade the performance of your engine is adding a Cummins injector pump.

This injector pump is basically a supply pump that takes fuel, from the tank and transfers it to the injection system. Most of the diesel engines come with some sort of fuel pump, whether it is a mechanical system that you will find in the older models or the newer models where the pump is integrated into the engine.

So why do you need a Cummins injector pump?  Upgrading engines with performance and aftermarket parts is not a new concept, and truth be told, it is something that transcends the diesel world.  Just about every vehicle owner these days wants to upgrade the performance of their vehicles.

Even though a diesel engine holds the top spot for the most efficient internal combustion compared to other engine types, adding a Cummins injector pump to your diesel engine can hugely increase its performance well past the factory limits.

The primary goal of adding an injector pump is to increase the amount of fuel that being injected into the engine. You can start this process by increasing fuel flow with computer programming for newer models or by installing high flow injectors.  With the engine requiring more fuel to perform well, you will inevitably need to upgrade the pump.  When there is bad fuel pressure, it means less horsepower, and in some cases it can cause damage to the pump.

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Reasons To Change Your Diesel Fuel Filters

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is the fuel delivery system. Diesel fuel filters are a very important part of that fuel delivery system.   They make the fuel delivery system of vehicles very efficient and also play a very crucial role in achieving optimal performance of the engine. With time, the fuel filters gather dirt and fail to work well, something that could eventually cause failure of a vehicle. Thus, it is very important to replace the filters to ensure optimal performance of your vehicle’s engine.

So how exactly does changing diesel fuel filters help?  First of all replacing your fuel filters can help boost engine power. The filters ensure that clean fuel enters the engine and enable the fuel delivery system to source the right amount of fuel as required.  The filters are capable of preventing clogging of fuel injectors, something that in turn helps boost the engine power.

Another thing that replacing diesel fuel filters can do is help increase engine’s life. When the filters are in good working condition, they can prevent dust which could otherwise finds its way into the engine and damage the pistons, cylinders and other components and result into costly repairs.  Changing the filters when you notice that they are not working properly can prevent such issues and ensure a longer engine life.

Last but not least, replacing diesel fuel filters can help improve the performance of the engine. For fine engine performance, clean fuel filters are very essential. The fuel filters prevent dirt and remains from getting into the important components of the fuel delivery system, something that in turn leads to higher performance of your vehicle’s engine.

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