What happens if I stop Paying my Car Insurance?

During the 15th century, Leonardo Da Vinci was the first person who generates a car’s design. This development came from his artwork, “The Renaissance.” The car in his work is a box shape and bears similarity with a wagon with three wheels, measuring 5 feet by 5 feet, 6 inches.


Leonardo’s proposition inspires numerous automotive engineers like Carl Friedrich Benz, who developed the first launch of Benz Patent-Motorwagen back in 1886. It was a three-wheeled automobile with a rear-mounted engine. Various automotive engineers then followed this head-start to create other car types: From the solar vehicle, alternative fuel vehicle, electric-based, and oil-based.


The innovations within the expansion of autos began to be useful in the 20th epoch. During this century, fashioned novelties came into view and became a beneficial artifact for humans. Different kinds of establishments emerge in the city, developed roads, revolutionized the Internet and technologies, and many more that embellishes the progression within people’s economy and lifestyle.


Cars are prevalent up until today. There is a significant deal number of individuals who dream of owning a vehicle. The reason behind this fact is that owning an automobile has various benefits.


These are the expected benefits that you can get for retaining a vehicle:

  • One, possessing an auto can help a person with traveling. The motorist can find other routes that are away from traffic.
  • Two, the driver can go for long drives to unwind for a bit, whether planned or unplanned – as long as it is away from the hometown.
  • Three; times are more practical. You don’t have to be in a hurry to catch the bus or precede with other passengers for the taxicab.


Nevertheless, being a car owner takes a lot of time, effort, and money. The justification behind this fact is that cars are susceptible, considering it is human-made. It needs proper and regular treatment to avoid overheating and malfunctions in the engine. Once check-ups and preservation are not met, multiple incidences may happen.


That’s why a car owner needs to apply and keep paying for the car insurance because it also has reimbursements that they can gain.


Suppose you wonder what will happen if they stop paying for financially ensuring their car; read the awaiting consequences on the infographic brought to you by iChoose.PH, a known car insurance Alabang company in providing health insurance PH and car insurance PH:


How to Select Your First Car

Many Filipinos are currently struggling with commuting. Every day, countless vehicles are roaming around highways, busy transporting commuters to their destinations. It is increasingly becoming difficult to secure a ride from public transportations such as buses, jeepney, taxicabs, and tricycles.

Cars are prevalent and essential in today’s modern, fast-paced world. The most apparent benefit of owning a car is the convenience and comfort it can provide. It allows you to travel to and fro desired destinations, hassle-free. Some prefer that traveling on their own and transport fare will be better used on fuel and maintenance.

Also, it gives a sense of comfort without having to endure heat and smoke throughout the trip that may otherwise pose health risks.

It is only understandable that the vast majority would want a car of their own. However, there are many factors to consider before heading straight to an auto car dealership. An example would be getting insured.

Consider getting car insurance in Alabang to safeguard you from undesired events that may cause a dent in your finances if you live within Manila. Even if it is not mandatory, a comprehensive car insurance ph will protect your interests if your car is damaged in an accident or got stolen.

Getting a car entails natural excitement, especially for first-time car buyers. It is essential to consider options when deciding which car to get as it could be the biggest purchase you are about to make.

Additionally, purchasing a car is a commitment and includes a legal agreement with the seller. For first-time buyers, it may be advisable to choose a secondhand car, which is a more practical way to save up.

Only you can determine your needs and find the appropriate vehicle and maximize its value over time.

Click this infographic from iChoose.ph to help you choose your first car.

How to Estimate My Car Insurance Cost Before Buying a Car

Owning a car has its own perks: One of the fringe benefits that you will be getting is your traveling time will no longer be time-consuming, difficult, and will be hassle-free too. You will also no longer find it stressful and difficult to grab a taxi, book an Uber, or ride the noisy and cramped bus just for you to reach your destination.

However, possessing a vehicle also has its disadvantages. Most especially, when it comes to your expenditures, considering that there are many things that owning an automobile is requiring And the most important requisition that it needs is its continuous maintenance. From the exterior and interior parts of it to the engine. Since if you lack to give its necessities it will experience minor damages that will lead to major ones and will cause it to shorten its life expectancy.

You have to provide that overhaul because it is the “vitamins” of your car.

Car insurance is an example of maintenance that you can give to your vehicle. Whereas it is a promotion you applied for to secure your automobile in case of theft or undesirable accidents. We do not know what the future will bring, that is why, it is much better to be always ready – most particularly, financially.

Henceforth, if you are thinking of buying that vehicle you have your eyes on for so long, you should be budget ready first before doing so. Wherefore, if there is no outlay plan, it will be difficult to give your car the proper treatment that it necessitates and as well as with your other expenses for your personal wants and needs.

That is why, when it comes to spending, doing an estimation before making a purchase is always a top priority. It is only one’s responsibility, given that through this, you are able to know how much money that will be disbursed from your pocket and how much will be left. Besides helping you to manage your money well, it will also lessen any future dilemmas when it comes to financing.

There are many different companies that offering car insurance Molino and its price highly depends on what brand, model, and type of the car you purchased. And in case you are thinking twice about how to do an appraisal with your expenses for car insurance and your vehicle, down below is an infographic brought to you iChoose.ph regarding on how to estimate your car insurance cost before buying that car you have always been dreaming of:

How To Prevent A Car From Overheating?

If your car reaches its highest temperature, it can overheat. Car engines usually run at a regular temperature between 195 and 220 degrees. You have to maintain the appropriate temperature for your car if you want to keep a good fuel economy and proper emission control.

A lot of factors can contribute to overheating in your car. Maybe it has something to do with the cooling system, and the heat can’t flow through the engine compartment properly. The cooling system, radiator fan, water pump, or coolant hose may also present a problem.

There are risks that could happen to your car if it overheats. Your cylinder heads and other components such as sensors, belts, and wiring can be harmed. This can also lead to reduced power, misfire, and unnecessary burning of oil in your engine.

You can avoid overheating your engine, and retain its regular temperature. Here’s how you can boost the efficiency of your car engine:

You’re driving for a long time and you need to rest and have snacks with your friends, in shaded areas you must pull over. Parking outside with the harmful sun can cause your vehicle to overheat.

Incidents that are unexpected can happen anytime, anywhere. Always be sure to bring extra coolant and water to repair your car immediately when it is overheating.

Get the best automotive window tint fixed on your vehicle. This is one of the important ways to avoid overheating of the engines. That makes your car look cooler while shielding you and your family from the sun’s harmful effects.

Just follow these tips and you’ll certainly have a smooth ride on your trip. Having to avoid overheating of the car can also lead to longer vehicle life.

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Read this Infographic guide to learn more about how you can prevent your car from overheating.

Maintaining Your Car During COVID-19 Quarantine [Infographic]

Many people now use their cars to go to work since most of the country is currently under GCQ or General Community Quarantine. TNVS drivers have also resumed their operations, allowing commuters to travel securely. Maintaining the car is essential in reducing the chances of accidents from occurring.

Car owners must prioritize keeping their vehicles in top condition, and among the ones that must be checked on is the car’s oil, battery, and lights.

The oil must be checked to ensure that the vehicle’s moving parts are lubricated so that they won’t stall on the road. Using fresh oil is advisable to keep the car working and avoid any problems with the engine.

Should car owners still not use their vehicles, during the GCQ for some time, they should disconnect the battery to keep it from having an electrical discharge. For those who won’t take their car batteries out, it’s advisable to use the car or at least start the car once a week to prevent electrical discharges.

The car’s lights should also be checked on since they’re a driver’s primary means of communication to other people on the road. The lights can inform others where the driver will turn, and when they’ll stop the vehicle.  Night driving also necessitates the use of lights to illuminate the road and avoid accidents due to poor lighting. Car owners must inspect their lights and make sure that none of them are defective.

Using the car once a week ensures that the battery doesn’t get discharged, and keeps the tires from deflating and pests from making the vehicle their home. Neglected cars will also accumulate dirt both inside and outside the car.

Car insurance parañaque in the Philippines is also essential to keep drivers financially protected should they get caught in accidents or if their cars receive damages covered by the plan. Car owners need to have the right car insurance comparison Philippines policy to ensure that they have adequate protection. For more information, see this infographic by iChoose.ph.

5 Damages the Sun Can Do to Your Car

One of the most essential events of the 20th century was the invention of the automobile – it served as a blessing for the economy and helped people connect faster than ever. Furthermore, it had the biggest impact on economic growth compared to other devices invented in the last century.

However, despite its significance, many people still prefer not to own one. While many people can still live without using a car or truck, owning one has many benefits. On the other hand, to make the most out of its benefits, car owners must also take care of their cars – applying window tints must no longer be a question.

Window tints protect the interior of cars against elements such as the UV rays from the sun. For more information, here’s an infographic about the damages the sun may bring to your car brought to you by Global Tint USA.